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Experience has shown that market value can fluctuate considerably, and, therefore, appraisal is one of the most important tools in real estate decision-making. It takes an expert in constant touch with the market to determine fair market value. Binswanger’s staff of certified appraisers provide professional, objective valuation in a host of situations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • property purchase or sale
  • mortgage financing evaluation
  • tax assessment appeals
  • determining insurance value
  • eminent domain proceedings
  • determining charitable gift deductions
  • estate tax determination
  • business merger/acquisition
  • SEC reporting requirements
  • contemplating new development or remodeling an existing facility
  • preparation and maintenance of asset records
  • evaluating real estate portfolios
  • allocating the cost of a newly acquired corporation - tangible and intangible assets
  • evaluating relative merits of alternate real estate investments

More than half a century of brokerage experience has honed our skills in determining realistic, present market value. Our reputation and expertise ensure the best possible valuation in the timeliest manner. In addition to property valuations, Binswanger offers a complete line of related appraisal services as follows:

  • damage evaluations
  • tax appeals
  • insurable value estimates
  • going concern and liquidation values
  • highest and best use studies
  • land use studies
  • cost benefit studies to assist in capital improvement decisions
  • reuse analysis to determine alternative use value

With offices on five continents and professionals around the world, Binswanger’s full suite of property valuation and appraisal services are available anywhere in the world.

For more information regarding Binswanger appraisal services, please contact:

Menno Heineman Tel: 0031 (0) 23-5344231