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Location Consulting/Acquisition


We have advised clients from the corporate world, nonprofit organizations and governments on global expansion, relocation, mergers, acquisitions, and consolidation programs. Our services range from occupancy and cost reduction strategies to market and labor analyses and selection of sites, buildings, and developers. Many of our clients enlist our assistance in formulating long term occupancy and real estate strategies prior to initiating a location or site search.

Our clients benefit both from our broad range of experience and from our worldwide coverage. This coverage allows us to access a wealth of regional and local information immediately, particularly in the areas of state and local taxes, local economic conditions, real estate development, competitor presence, and costs of doing business. Our experience enables us to be very knowledgeable in key location decision drivers such as appropriateness of economic incentives, identification of ancillary relocation costs (downtime, lost job costs, etc.), evaluation of local labor costs and availability, and analysis of real estate purchase and development opportunities.

Globally, the professionals of the Binswanger Group have managed and/or participated in over 500 domestic and international site location projects for new, relocating, expanding, or consolidating businesses requiring manufacturing, converting, maintenance, assembly, laboratory, distribution, retail, port, and office facilities. Our experience covers a full line of services from establishing site and facility specifications to identifying and evaluating locations, structuring and negotiating transactions, procuring inducements, and negotiating financing.

Some of the industries served in these assignments included electronics, telecommunications, consumer products, chemicals, automotive, paper, publishing, furniture, mining, rubber, reprographics, steel, foundries, distribution, food processing, pharmaceuticals, banking, utility, and institutions.

Given the extremely sensitive nature of this work, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Binswanger Netherlands is well qualified in this regard and has the resources to maintain this confidentiality.

A sampling of our business location services includes:

  • Strategic Reviews (e.g., assessment of client’s needs and objectives, risks, and available options, or an evaluation of real estate consolidation alternatives)
  • Location Studies (e.g., based on market potentials, labor costs and availability, operating costs, housing and quality of life, amenities; and similar considerations);
  • Occupancy Cost Analyses (e.g., based on lease or purchase economics, annual operating costs, and related considerations);
  • Business Cost Analyses (e.g., based on state and local taxes, labor costs, and related considerations);
  • Site Selection (e.g., based on property size, land costs, accessibility, and the availability of necessary services and facilities);
  • Feasibility and Investment Analyses to determine DCF (discounted cash flow), financial returns, and economic value;
  • Financial Incentive Negotiations to secure the optimal benefits for a relocating or expanding corporation;
  • Strategy Selection based on client objectives and available options (e.g., straight lease, lease equity, build-to-suit, joint venture, direct development, or facility acquisition); and
  • Transaction Assistance for real estate deals (e.g., lease, purchase, sale or development).

Transaction Services
Our activities within this service line focus on structuring real estate transactions so that the client’s business and financial objectives are linked to technical issues and business opportunities. Such activities might include:

    • Contract negotiations support;
    • Transaction due diligence;
    • Proposal evaluations;
    • Financing analysis;
    • Capital markets; and
    • Value engineering analysis.
To support merger and acquisitions, we can identify the current portfolio and how it’s managed, dimension its need and impact to the new organization and identify and dimension opportunities and obligations of the portfolio.