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Management Services


The Management Services as described below are executed and co-ordinated from the Binswangers' Headquarters in the US.

Project/Construction Management
The danger of small oversights that cause large expenditures is always present during any construction process.  Our seasoned professionals work diligently to provide cost controls through every phase of the project, from site evaluation, selection and acquisition, through construction to occupancy.  We strive to deliver a final project on time, on budget and beyond our client’s quality standards.

Facilities/Property Management
Operating a property efficiently implies not only focusing on cost but also ensuring that the quality levels exceed expectations.  Bearing in mind both the nuances of the facility and the interests of ownership, we implement innovative solutions designed to enhance value.  Moreover, we employ sophisticated monitoring as well as measuring and reporting processes to oversee the daily operations of the building and ensure smooth execution.

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For more information regarding Binswanger's management services, please contact:

Walt Evans
President Management Services
Tel: + 1-704-972-2036