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Under the direction of Binswanger's global headquarters in Philadelphia, our senior management team draws valuable market insight from our worldwide sales force. In this way we garner the information needed to directly inform and influence global real estate decision makers. As a unified resource, we can determine the most likely growth industries and economic trends in targeting prospects and creating an integrated, cross-border marketing program.

An in-house, full-service firm, Rittenhouse Marketing Associates has underpinned Binswanger’s successful sales and marketing efforts for nearly three decades. Rittenhouse staff, the property owner and the Binswanger market specialist work as a team to determine a specific communication strategy for each client. Based on defined objectives, a marketing program is developed that may include brochure development, media advertising, direct marketing, market research and public relations. This coordinated effort assures that strategies and tactics are executed in concert with the prospecting and tenant retention activities of the sales staff.

Rittenhouse has developed and executed successful, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary marketing communication programs for hundreds of clients, including Motorola, Hitachi, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Serono, Shell Oil, Kodak, Texas Instruments, Schering-Plough, and numerous institutional and private real estate investors.

Rittenhouse marketing programs reach decision makers through the production of top-notch, professional materials including:


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pr_sample.jpgPress releases